DAMN IT!!!! I thought I was over him!!! BUT EVERY FUCKING TIME I SEE HIM!!!! it’s like I’m reminded of how much I like him. 

So, this guy I like…he’s my really good friend. At first we were just really good friends. I didn’t like him at all. And we were close for like a year. But then he left my school…and I realized how much I missed him. It really wasn’t untill I saw him play his guitar with his band at my house that I realized I was crushing…HARD. Like literally. He’s also a very touchy, kinda flirty kind of guy. He’s a hipster and plays the guitar like a boss. He’s in a band and he’s a good singer/songwriter. He may be a cynical asshole but he’s sweet. He understands me. I know everything about him and he knows everything about me. But the problem is that I’m fat…so ofcourse he wouldn’t fall for me…WHICH SUCKS!!! So I kinda like willed my self to not like him. I didn’t like him for awhile….untill he started dating this girl. I had little heartbreak but really didn’t bother me….or so I thought. But it’s been six months now and they are still together…I keep hoping though. THey are going to break up. I just went to his concert tonight with a friend. They way he played his guitar…mm GOD SO SEXY!! He’s passionate about his music which is really attractive to me. He makes me laugh and he’s cute too. But it’s his personality that makes me like him. But I’m just his friend….ugh….One day maybe. Or whatever…ajoisdhfeawjfidmajfd blah